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Winna Electronic Techonology Co., Ltd design and manufacturing technologies have been improved increasingly since its establishment in 2010. Focusing on customer and emphasis on quality, we provide the best products and services to our customers with favorable price. We have exported our products to USA, Europe, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions, including end brands PHILIPS、Walmart、TCL, BEST BUY, etc. We provide custom products of OEM and ODM per customer's different requirements. We keep good partnerships with our customers to achieve win-win and mutual prosperity, and continously expand our customer scope worldwide.


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Winna Certificates for Worldwide Sales
>   盈纳电子科技有限公司经过11年的发展,拥有一批积极进取、勇于创新的设计研发工程师,他们是适配器、充电器和开关电源行业的开拓先锋。我们的产品通过了我国3C和其他国家和地区的质量和安全认证,如UL、CE、CB、SAA、PSE、KCC、GS、FCC等。 >  盈纳电子的制造团队发扬工匠精神,追求完美。凭借自动化设备如SMT、AI、CNC绕线机和激光雕刻机等,我们注重产品每一工序和细节,严格品质控制,力争生产出高质量的产品,让客户100%满意。
>  盈纳电子为客户提供一站式的电源适配器等电子产品的服务,根据客户的不同要求,为客户定制产品。我们的销售团队以高度的热情致力于为我们的客户服务,以客户为中心,从为客户介绍公司的产品、报价,到打样确认样品,再到交期的确认,直至最后按期完成货物的交付,以及售后跟进,为客户提供全方位满意的服务。
> 基于严谨的产品设计和先进的制造工艺,我们的QA团队对产品的质量严格把关,从原材料验货,到每一工序每一流程的抽检全检,再到成品和出货时的检验,层层把关,环环管控,打造高品质的电源适配器、充电器和开关电源等产品。

>  公司拥有ATE和自动老化测试等先进检验设备, 已通过ISO9001质量管理体系认证,严格贯彻质量管理体系的方针和目标,持续改进,不断提高产品质量,以更好地为全球客户服务。
Technology Advantages
Professional design and manufacturing team for more than 10 years
> Through 11 years of development, Winna has had a large R&D team of engineers who are innovative and full of energy. They are the pioneers in the industry of power adapter, charger, transformer and switching power supply. We have got many product certificates such as UL, CE, CB, SAA, PSE, KCC, GS, FCC, etc. >  Depending on many advanced equipments such as SMT and AI machines, we focus on every process and detail, control strictly the quality, provide high-quality products to satisfy our customers.
> Winna provide one-stop power adapter products for our customers. Per customer's different requirement, we provide OEM and ODM customization for customers. With high enthusiasm, from product induction, quotation, to samples approval and order confirmation, finally to goods delivery and after-sales service, our sales team is committed to providing our customers with full range of satisfactory services.
Provide OEM & ODM customized products for customers all over the world
> Based on rigorous design and advanced manufacturing technology, our QA team control the product quality strictly. From the incoming material inspection, to every process check, finally to finished product inspction for outgoing, we control strictly to provide the best quality products of adapter, charger and power supply to our customers.

> Our company has kinds of advanced test equipments such as ATE and automatic burn-in test machine. We have got ISO9001 certificate. We strictly control product quality, improve continuelly the product quality to fully meet our customer's requirements.
Provide high-quality products and the best services for worldwide customers
Quality Advantage
Our Culture
People oriented, creation and innovation, pursuit of excellence
> With 11 years of growth, Winna has developed its unique culture. Meticulous and bold innovation, respect for personality and teamwork coexist. Our R&D and production engineers keep pace with the times, using state of the art technology to design and manufacturing products. Our QA team strictly control the quality of products with meticulous attitude. Our sales team provide 7/24 hours pre-sales and after-sales services for our customer, to ensure the sumitted products and services to 100% satisfy our customers.
Dongguan Winna Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2010, which is located in Wusha community, Chang'an, Dongguan, Guangdong. It specializes in development, manufacturing and sales of power adapter, AC/DC power adapter, Charger, USB TYPE C fast charger, transformer, switching power supply. Based on high-quality products and the best services, we have been exporting our products to USA, Europe, UK, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions.
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Professional Manufacturer of Power Adapter & Charger
Tel.:+86 13510814610
+86 13510814610
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