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Is your company a manufacturer or trade company?
Can you send samples free of charge for our test ?
Can you provide custom-made products according to our requirements, eg. OEM or ODM ?
Hong long is the sample delivery time and the purchase order delivery time?
How long is the warranty period of your products?
What certificates have you got ?
What are your payment terms or payment methods?
Dongguan Winna Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, which specializes in design, manufacturing and sales of power adapter, AC/DC adapter, charger, USB or TYPE C port fast charger, transformer and switching power supply. The factory is located in Chang'an, Dongguan, Guangdong, covering 8000 square meters and has 500 employees.
Yes we can provide 2-5 samples free of charge for your test.
We can provide custom products per your special requirements, including your design, logo, name, etc.
It takes 2~4 days for sample delivery and about 25 days for order delivery.
We provide 24 months of guarantee time for all our electronic products.
Our company has got a number of certificates, including ISO9001, UL/cUL, FCC, CB, BEAB, GS, CE, EMC, SAA, PSE、KCC, CCC, etc. Most of our certificates were certified by international authoritative INTERTEK and TUV companies.
Normally we accept international payment tools such as PayPal, iPayLink, etc. for payment arrangement. Detailed payment terms can be negotiated and confirmed by both sides.
Tel.:+86 13510814610
+86 13510814610
Contact Tel.:
Dongguan Winna Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.