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Winna specializes in manufacturing of power adapter, charger, etc. Please contact us for factory and product information via email, phone and other methods.
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After receiving your PO we
arrange production per delivery date and control quality strictly to 100% meet your requirement.

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After production finished we arrange goods delivery. Sales team follows up the transportation status to make sure the goods get to arrival address.
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We provide custom products for you. When receiving your requirements we provide quotation and then samples will be sent after a week of quotation confirmed.
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After samples approval,the contract signed, PO quantity and delivery date confirmed. Goods quality is also defined per your confirmation.
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Our sales team confirms with you to ensure that you have received the goods, follow up your raised questions and feedback to you as quickly as possible. Our online services provide 7/24 service for you.
Dongguan Winna Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. provides custom-made products of power adapter, quick charger and switching power supply for our customers. We provide customization per our customer's different requirements, such as using customer design, logo or name.  Please contact us for your inquiry via email, telephone or wechat, tell our sales team your customization requirements, then we will quote and provide samples per your requirements. After quotation and sample approval, we can sign contact. When receiving your purchasing order, we arrange production to meet the PO delivery date. Our QA department controls the quality strictly. From first contct with you, quotation, sample approval, to contract signed and PO received, finally to products finished, goods delivered and after-sales service, our sales team provides 7/24 hours comprehensive services for you.
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Winna Electronic Techonology Co., Ltd design and manufacturing technologies have been improved increasingly since its establishment in 2010. Focusing on customer and emphasis on quality, we provide the best products and services to our customers with favorable price. We have exported our products to USA, Europe, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions, including end brands PHILIPS、Walmart、TCL, BEST BUY, etc. We provide custom products of OEM and ODM per customer's different requirements. We keep good partnerships with our customers to achieve win-win and mutual prosperity, and continously expand our customer scope worldwide.

With 11 years of hard effort by Winna team, we not only have had many famous brand end customers, but also have exported our products to all over the world, including Europe, USA, Australia and other countries and regions. Our high-quality products and the best services have been highly praised by our customers worldwide. In high-tech era consumer electronic products are increasingly used in people's daily life. Winna products are adapted to the development of the times. Our power adapter, charger and switching power supply are conformed to the demand trends. We are expanding domestic and oversea markets, and committed to serving our customers constantly in the world.

Tel.:+86 13510814610
+86 13510814610
Contact Tel.:
Dongguan Winna Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.