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Kick off for 2021 new project of Winna R&D team

Issuing time:2021-04-02 14:27

Since its establishment in 2010, Dongguan Winna Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has continuously invested in the development and design of new products. Now we have a strong R & D engineering department with more than 20 people, which is committed to new product development, existing product improvement and product international certification. With rigorous attitude and keeping up with the industry trend, our R&D Department, under the leadership of the general manager of the company and R&D manager Mr. Xiao, keeps innovative and opening up, launch new products continuouly, and provide the best products and services for new and old customers wholeheartedly.

With the end consumer's demand for electronic products becoming more and more personalized and diversified, as well as the trend of portable miniaturization and high power density development, our R&D engineers continue to optimize the existing design, improve the adaptability of products, develop new products, and strengthen the multi-purpose and multi-function of products.


In order to meet the growing demand for type C port, and power adapter, charger and switching power supply with fast charging function in domestic and foreign markets, our R& D team has developed a variety of power adapter, charger and switching power supply with type C port by applying new GaN semiconductor materials. Such as: 18W type C US, EU, JP and AU fast charger, 65W GaN type C feet foldable fast charger, type C and USB two ports, total four ports of GaN feet foldable fast charger, greatly enrich our product range, provide customers with more choices of charger products.

In the development of high power density switching power supply and power adapter, we have 60W, 65W and 90W multi-purpose power adapters. The maximum 120W switching power supply started in early 2021 is scheduled to complete design verification and UL, 3C, ETL, CE and GS certification in the middle of this year.

To be the pioneer of the industry, and keep pace with the times is the goal of Winna R&D team. We expect our young R&D engineers to achieve excellent performance in 2021 and lay a solid product foundation for the company further development and continuous prosperity.

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