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Development trends of power adapter industry

Issuing time:2021-04-29 18:47

The industry of power adapter and switching power supply is not only a traditional industry, but also grows fast with the continuous high-tec development and the increasing demand for consumer electronics in the world. So what is the trend of the industry of power adapter and switching power supply? The power adapter and switching power supply industry are developing towards miniaturization, integration, digitization and environmental protection.       

1) Miniaturization. Small high frequency switching power supply and adapter and its technology have become the mainstream and direction of the current consumer electronics industry. The miniaturization and weight reduction of power adapter are more important for communication electronics and mobile electronic products. Therefore, it is our goal to improve the power density and power conversion efficiency of switching power supply, make it miniaturized, lightweight and efficient.

2) Integration. In order to improve the reliability of the system, it is a trend for the machine manufacturers to cooperate with the component manufacturers to develop "user specific" power module. That is, almost all hardwares of a complete machine is installed in a module in the form of chip, so that there is no traditional lead connection between a large number of components, so the electrical stress of power components and power devices is minimized to improve the reliability of equipment system.

3) Digital. Digital power supply combines the high efficiency of switching power supply with intelligent control of digital chip, and adjusts voltage and current by using appropriate algorithm. Compared with analog power supply, the digital power supply can correct the current detection error accurately and the voltage detection is more accurate; It can realize fast and flexible control design.

4) Green. Green environmental protection and energy saving are the development

focus and direction of customized power products in the future. Domestic strict requirements for environmental protection will make a variety of intelligent switching

power supply technology widely used, and make the power supply structure develop from centralization to distribution. The higher requirements for energy saving will make the switching power supply and power adapter develop more efficiently.

In addition, with the continuous expansion and updating of consumer electronics products, the requirements for the versatility and compatibility of power adapter and

switching power supply are also increasing. In the design of new products and the

transformation of existing products, we must consider of multi-functional and   multi-adaptability of the products.

For the development trends of the power adapter industry, we need to correctly grasp and position our own product R&D, use high-tech science and technology,   and strive   to make the products keep up with the market demand and   development trend so as   to provide the best products and services to our customers worldwide.


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